Godmobiles From 1929 to Current


I have volunteered for several years leading people to the Lord Jesus Christ at fairs in Washington.  It is a blessing and very rewarding. Michael C.

After volunteering for a session at the Godmobile.   I felt so empowered in talking to people about Jesus that the very next day I led two people to the Lord at a barbeque I attended.  Carrie

I was blessed to serve with the Godmobile at the Lake Stevens Fair.  We had 343 people come to receive Jesus as savior that week. What a joy.  WJP

A young man in his twenties with a police GPS device on his ankle came to the booth.  As he heard the gospel shared he said"If I had heard this as a kid I wouldn't have this around my ankle"  He prayed and gave his heart to Jesus.  Jeanie M.

Family from India stopped by and took many tracts to view

Michael age 23 said he received deliverance from alcohol,drugs, & promiscuity today as he rededicated his life to Christ

Sierra prayed with Godmobile worker and then removed her jewelry from all her piercings, she had.

A small boy, Jason, age 12 said no to offer to receive Jesus as his saviour, but then came back the next day with his sister and they both prayed the sinners prayer and asked Jesus to save them

Katie age 11, let her unbelieving family go down the road and she stood and heard the Gospel. She then said she wanted Jesus in her heart and said the prayer
Mom with 4 kids all prayed to receive Jesus Christ

Jerry Zelinsky, Washington State Director